THE MINDFUL BOOMER: Skills for Aging and Dying by Nancy Leach

The Boomer generation is entering its dying time and many are feeling an undercurrent of distress. But in a death-phobic society such as ours, where do you go to make peace with the thoughts, feelings and physical changes that accompany the aging process?

In this book I provide down-to-earth, practical tools that you can apply to three main areas of suffering: making peace with the past; managing physical, emotional and spiritual challenges in the present time; and addressing fears about loss and discomfort that may yet be to come.

All our life we attempt to control its trajectory, making choices about education, career, partner, life-style, income, leisure. We learn along the way that there is much that is simply out of our control. But at no time is this more evident than during the aging years.  We all pray that our last years will be painless; however, the majority of us will suffer from feelings of loss, anxiety, physical pain, relationship struggles, and a host of other challenges.

In The Mindful Boomer the reader will learn practical skills in Mindfulness to reduce or even eliminate these obstacles to peace of mind. And fifteen guided meditations, also available here on my website offer practice in the methodology.