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I have worked with survivors of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, with people healing from a cancer illness, with couples who are struggling in relationship, and with people making decisions about relationships and careers. In addition to a Master’s degree in Psychology, I have studied a number of other healing modalities, among them BodyMind Centering, Integral Therapy, The Life-Art Process, and Mind-Body Skills for Healing (through the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington, DC) I had been an on-and-off meditator of many years, when I finally realized that one of the most useful activities I could pursue was to just go to my meditation cushion and sit. Along with a daily practice of hatha yoga, this activity is what most grounds and nourishes me when I hit challenging times.

When was the first time you became aware that you were getting “old” and even that you would die one day? What was your response? Many people immediately and decisively put it out of their minds; why ruin a good day by thinking about infirmity and death? The typical modus operandi of this culture is to make a joke – or quietly shudder – and then get busy with the usual distractions (shopping, TV, cooking, eating, crosswords…)

I know another way, which I have found to be more authentic and ultimately more effective. I hope you will take a look at The Mindful Boomer and find it a useful tool in your own aging years.

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