Guided Meditations

Please note that these meditations are just five or six minutes in length. This is intentional as they are geared to people who are new to Mindfulness. If you listen to them a few times, or read through them in the book, you will soon find that you become familiar enough to do them on your own, expanding your practice to ten, fifteen, or twenty minutes as your concentration grows.

Meditation 1 – See, Hear and Feel

Meditation 2 – Knowing Now

Meditation 3 – Being Body

Meditation 4 – Emotions in the Body

Meditation 5 – Just Hear

Meditation 6 – The Visual Sense

Meditation 7 – Finding Rest

Meditation 8 – Creating Rest

Meditation 9 – Untangling the Strands

Meditation 10 – Befriending the Aging Body

Meditation 11 – Emotional Reactions to Pain

Meditation 12 – The Concepts of Flow and Gone

Meditation 13 – Compassion for the Aging Body

Meditation 14 – Nurture Positive

Meditation 15 – Spaciousness

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